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  Only 30 minutes firing at 820 °C !
We are now pleased to present you the new generation rapid and low fire bronze clay; the Prometheus® Bronze Clay.

Prometheus® Bronze Clay is an extraordinary medium that will transform your imagination into pure bronze fine art and jewelry objects. You can easily shape your clay by hand or using some simple tools, or even turn it on a potter’s wheel. Firing Prometheus® Bronze Clay is easier than ever; you simply need 30 minutes of firing at 820 °C.

Prometheus® Bronze Clay
  • can be stored at room temperature
  • does not stick to hands at normal consistency
  • gives you long working time by its slow drying character
  • does not need long firing hours
  • does not need high firing temperatures
  • does not need a firing pan or activated carbon
  • does not need large and programmable kilns

* Please read our other sections about Prometheus® Bronze Clay.

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Bronze Clay?

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